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At Major Content, we take immense pride in our partnership with Ashley Berges, where we successfully delivered a comprehensive company rebrand that elevated her brand's presence across various platforms. From the website to social media and stationery, our team embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize Ashley Berges' identity. Through meticulous planning and creative strategizing, we crafted a compelling brand story that resonated with her target audience. Our expert designers revamped the website, creating an engaging user experience that reflected Ashley's unique personality and vision. We extended the new brand identity seamlessly to social media, ensuring consistency and impact across all channels. Additionally, our stationery designs captured the essence of her brand, leaving a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders alike. With Major Content's expert touch, Ashley Berges now boasts a renewed brand image that stands out in the market, empowering her to achieve even greater success in her endeavors.

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Ashley Berges

Upon the request of our friend Aurora from Crosswind Media, we collaborated to assist Ashley Berges in a comprehensive business rebrand. Initiating a client call with Ashley, we strategically formulated a plan to amplify her social media engagement, optimize her SEO, and enhance her brand image from website to stationery. Remarkably, within just four months, we observed a significant increase in analytics across all metrics, a testament to the successful outcome of our efforts.


Over 10+ Years

Over the years, our team of creative visionaries and marketing strategists has honed their craft, delivering innovative and impactful solutions to a diverse range of clients.

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