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At Major Content, we take immense pride in our successful collaboration with Trintage, a dynamic and innovative brand. As a part of our comprehensive content services, we were entrusted with the responsibility of managing Trintage's social media presence across all platforms. Our dedicated team of social media experts crafted engaging and impactful content that resonated with Trintage's target audience, driving meaningful interactions and building a loyal online community. Additionally, we also took charge of creating and optimizing their social media pages, ensuring a consistent and visually captivating brand representation. With a focus on strategic planning, data-driven insights, and creative flair, our partnership with Trintage yielded remarkable results, leaving a lasting impression in the digital landscape. We look forward to continuing this enriching journey, delivering exceptional social media solutions that propel Trintage towards greater heights of success.

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Transforming Trintage:

During a leisurely trip to Nick Wright's (FOX Sports) Twitter profile, we found ourselves entangled in a captivating Kobe Bryant debate. However, what truly caught our attention was Nick's pinned post, showcasing the impressive retail business of his talented wife, Danielle. Curiosity led us to explore further, and as we clicked the Instagram link, we were instantly captivated by the seamless fusion of Trendy and Vintage apparel and accessories offered by her brand, Trintage. In a serendipitous turn of events, we decided to share some examples of our work with Danielle, and the rest, as they say, is history. Our connection with Trintage blossomed, leading to frequent visits to their headquarters in New York as we continue to work diligently on enhancing their digital footprint. The collaboration has been nothing short of inspiring, and we are eager to witness the continued growth and success of this exceptional brand.

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Over 10+ Years

Over the years, our team of creative visionaries and marketing strategists has honed their craft, delivering innovative and impactful solutions to a diverse range of clients.

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