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Major Content's collaboration with Papa Murphy was an exciting venture that exemplified our commitment to delivering exceptional content solutions. As a trusted partner, we were privileged to provide Papa Murphy with Commercial Print and Social Media Graphics that not only showcased the brand's delectable offerings but also captured the essence of their unique identity. Our team's creative prowess and attention to detail were instrumental in crafting captivating visuals that resonated with their audience and drove engagement across various platforms. The seamless blend of artistic ingenuity and strategic communication made this partnership a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on both Papa Murphy and their loyal customers. We take pride in supporting renowned brands like Papa Murphy and look forward to continually exceeding expectations with our content services.

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Our Partnership with Papa Murphy's Pizza

Nick Johnson from Distinct Creative Group was under contract

with Papa Murphy's Pizza for their 'Slices of Summer' campaign.

His Designer fell ill, and as a result needed an agency he could trust

to fulfill the design obligations of the contract. Major Content,

made a smooth transition into the project completing several ad placements among other commercial print.

Papa Murphy's Slices of Summer

Over 10+ Years 

Over the years, our team of creative visionaries and marketing strategists has honed their craft, delivering innovative and impactful solutions to a diverse range of clients.

Over 10+ Years

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